Looking good is a skill.

Proper self carriage is another.

See, everyone has problems.

You're not the only one.

You showing forth yours to the world, won’t bring solutions.

It would only bring mockery from people who also have hidden problems.

Which would lead to shame and disgrace.

Then later result in depression.

Even while you're trying to solve that problem you have,

Look good. Dress nice. Smile.

And carry yourself like you have every single thing you need.

People will treat you the way you show them that you are.



I have someone very close to me who loves the smell of kerosene.

She would literally put it close to her nose and enjoy how the smell penetrated in.

Like how?

Kerosene of all things.

What is that weird smell you love?

I don't think I have any weird smell that I love.

Or any that I can remember.

But if I remember any, I would tell you guys.

What is yours?

Fell free to share in the comment section.

I want to laugh small.



Inconsistency has really been fighting with me.

And it has been winning me.

Just look at how I've disappeared since.

But now I'm back.

Back to stay.

How do you handle consistency?

How do you make sure you keep being present?

Please feel free to share in the comment section.

Help a sister.



Think about this!

If someone didn't discover the flowing and dissolving ability of water,
Many things would have gone wrong in the world.

How would you have been able to wash smoothly?
Or bathe?
Or even cook?

It would have been hell on earth.
I don't know if the other planets would have found it easier.

If you don't also discover what you can do,
A lot of people would be suffering.

Suffering as a result of your negligence.
Negligence of skill, talent, purpose and assignments.

I'm sure you this is not what you want.

You can start by asking yourself one big question,
"What can I do"

Write those things out,
Harness them to the best of your ability,
And watch yourself grow.

Be that someone to bring betterment to yourself,
And the world at large.



Excellence Bajisma

Excellence Bajisma

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